2018 UK Drone Racing Calendar

Date Event Series Registration Info
Feb 3rd DRM Redemption DRM N/A
Feb 4th KQRC @ Drone Base FunFly N/A
Apr 7th DRM and YDR YorkshireFPV N/A
Apr 7th - 8th SDRL Event 1 Scottish Nationals N/A
Apr 8th Hull Rivals Hull Rivals N/A
Apr 15th Suffolk FPV Suffolk FPV N/A
Apr 22nd DroneBase and KQRC Drone Base N/A
May 6th Suffolk MultiGP Suffolk MGP N/A
May 12th - 13th MiniAirShow 4 Mini Air Show N/A
May 20th Delta Hawks Moira Canal Festival DeltaHawks N/A
May 27th Suffolk FPV Round 2 Suffolk FPV N/A
May 27th Glasgow FPV Spring open Glasgow FPV N/A
May 27th Blackpool MFC Blackpool MFC N/A
Jun 3rd Suffolk MultiGP 2 Suffolk MGP N/A
Jun 9th EMHC Round 2 EMHC N/A
Jun 15th - 17th Weston Park Weston Park Currently: 73 / 66
Jun 16th - 17th SDRL Round 2 Scottish Nationals N/A
Jun 24th Suffolk FPV Round 3 Suffolk FPV N/A
Jun 24th YDR Fun Fly FunFly N/A
Jun 30th - 1st Delta Hawks Ashby Rugby Club DeltaHawks Currently: 39 / 42
Jun 30th Bound to Qualify Bound Currently: 49 / 36
Jul 15th Glasgow FPV Midsummer Race Glasgow FPV N/A
Jul 15th Suffolk FPV Summer BQE Suffolk FPV Currently: 41 / 38
Jul 21st - 22nd Drone Boneyard - Hillbilly Hotquads HillBilly Hotquads N/A
Jul 21st iFPV Charity Fundraiser InsideFPV Currently: 26 / 36
Jul 22nd Hull Rivals Hull Rivals Currently: 35 / 30
Jul 28th EMHC British Qualifier EMHC N/A
Aug 5th Laxton FPV FunFly N/A
Aug 12th Flight 4 Cancer YorkshireFPV Currently: 47 / 42
Aug 19th Suffolk FPV Round 4 Suffolk FPV N/A
Aug 25th - 26th SDRL Round 3 Scottish Nationals N/A
Sep 2nd Laxton FPV FunFly N/A
Sep 2nd Back to School Glasgow FPV N/A
Sep 9th Suffolk FPV Round 5 Suffolk FPV Currently: 28 / 36
Sep 16th Team Wooly Sheep FunFly N/A
Sep 22nd - 23rd British Championship British Champs N/A
Oct 27th - 28th Suffolk MultiGP 4-5 Suffolk MGP N/A
Nov 25th DroneBase FunFly Currently: 45 / 36
Dec 1st - 2nd Tech Show Live iSeries N/A

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